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What are microbes and what one should know about them

We come in direct contact with microbes (microorganisms like bacteria and viruses) on a daily basis. They are present in our everyday environment, however  the fact that we don’t see them, does not reduce the risk of contamination and harmful consequences to our health. 

  • Bacteria (single-celled organisms) can reproduce on their own by dividing into two (and so on) and can live outside the human body’s cells. Viruses are non-living microscopic parasites that invade a host cell, take over other cells and cause systemic diseases. 

  • Both bacteria and viruses are tough survivors and can adapt to various environments. Some are known to remain on untreated surfaces for days, sometimes even weeks and months. 

  • Bacteria and viruses are transmitted mostly through close contact with the carrier or contaminated surfaces. Both can become causative agents in dangerous and potentially deadly infections.

Complying with personal hygiene recommendations and avoiding direct contact with the infected individuals/environments are important. However, precautionary hygiene steps in protecting the common use surfaces in both personal and public spaces are crucial in significantly reducing the risk of harmful agents transmission. 

See below the image that represents bacteria growth on unprotected surface and surface treated with our PureZone film: 


Our antimicrobial film is based on the performance of silver ions that come in contact with the bacteria, blocking their (bacteria) metabolism and interrupting their proliferation mechanism, leading to bacteria destruction. Silver ions active on a broad spectrum of bacteria, such as:


The antimicrobial film that reduces bacteria presence by 99,9% and coronaviruses by 99,97% in 1 hour!

Tested, proven effective and in high demand!

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1.Does not require special maintenance! 

2. Resistant to cleaning with chlorine bleach, alcohol, oils, etc! 

3. Waterproof! Prevents the humid environment for microbes from building up! 

4. Transparent! 

5. Non-irritant to skin! 

Prevent the spread. Protect now!

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Long term highly effective protection against germs for your home and work!

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