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  Your Health Is Our Priority!  

Our antimicrobial film is based on the performance of silver ions that come in contact with the bacteria, blocking their (bacteria) metabolism and interrupting their proliferation mechanism, leading to bacteria destruction.

Image by CDC

Reduces coronaviruses by 99,97% in 1 hour*

 *tests performed in conformity with the ISO21702:2019 standard

The innovative patented film technology that defines “clean” on a revolutionary new level.

Transparent and practically invisible, installed dry or with soap solution. Can be installed on most hard surfaces.



Active for 5 years

Non-irritant to skin

Stops development of

99.99% of germs tested

Peace of mind for your customers

Prevent the spread. Protect now!

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Long term highly effective protection against germs for your home and work!

Grocery Shopping with Mask

grocery stores

Shopping carts, counters, payment terminals, self-checkout screens, food processing counters,


Bacteria and viruses inhabit common use areas and carry the high risk contamination and spread of diseases potentially harmful for our health. Most germs remain in untreated areas for days and even months. Is there a solution to this? YES, GERM OVER!

We install a transparent innovative self healing film on the common use surfaces (residential, public and work spaces) that protects you, your family, employees and customers. It’s tested, patented and highly effective for a minimum of 5 years. 

These days the health and well-being of people and the environment we are surrounded by is in our hands! Yours and ours!


Rapid penetration into bacteria cell.

Protects 24h a day/ 7 days a week. It keeps on working even when no one is looking.

Practically invisible. Protects inaccessible areas.

Active for 5 years allowing no decrease of efficacy through normal abrasion.

WORKS 24/7



There has never been a better time for this! The antimicrobial film that reduces bacteria presence by 99,9% and coronaviruses by 99,97% in 1 hour!

Tested, proven effective and in high demand!

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